Led by our virtuous director Smt. Mridushree Kayan, the CSR activities of our firm is aimed at a comprehensive development approach. Our prime objective is to contribute by means of creating and supporting meaningful activities through innovative institution so as to have positive societal impact.

Education :

Education is an important tool that enables women and girls to participate in decisions that affect their lives and in improving their social standing. With this vision of empowering girls through education, Smt. Mridushree Kayan (Trustee - Rajasthan Vidya Mandir), is actively involved in the administration of the school and is responsible for numerous education programs and partnerships to improve access to quality education for students using combined strength of technology and human collaboration. Following the Right to Education Act by the Government we actively support the implementation in true spirit.

Healthcare :

The healthcare sector in India is ailing and doctors attending to it seem to be struggling to make real progress. Health-sector funding from Govt. seem to be insufficient and further dwindling. With this mission of providing support and funds so as to reinforce the country’s deficient healthcare infrastructure and improve health indicators we try to contribute what little we can. Through our charitable trust – ‘Shri Banke Behari Trust’, we work to help the less privileged and provide succor to the marginalized section of the society in need.

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